KFS Express specialises in fulfilment and delivery of e-commerce retail shipments from Europe, Asia and the Americas to the Russian Federation. By harnessing the power of agents and local specialists across the globe we are able to deliver world class solutions at an affordable price. Our expertise also makes us the ideal choice for Russian domestic retailers looking for quality at an affordable price.

We put customers first by keeping prices low and making sure that delivery options are flexible and customer friendly. Our solid ERP system can be easily integrated into your fulfilment processes. Everything is designed with your growth in mind.

Our Russia wide distribution solution is constantly expanding to ensure affordable delivery of your goods to the Russian consumers.

Our distribution network is flexible enough to give customers maximum choice.

Our network is flexible enough to cope with your success.

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Fulfilment partners:

For International and Russian Domestic Operators looking for solid distribution in Russia, KFS Express is the partner with expertise and reach.

Our Project Managers will link your Logistics Landscape into our systems to enable a seamless solution for your customers entering or active in the Russian market.

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Distribution partners:

KFS Express welcomes approaches from distribution partners in Russia who want to grow their businesses through successful partnership with KFS Express. If you have a clear focus on quality and believe that the customer comes first, then please contact us.

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